Bondi to Coogee

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Being at a loose end today, with the Lawton ladies being on holiday in New Zealand, I decided, on the advice of Mr West, to do the 6km walk from Bondi to Coogee along the Coastal Path. It was quite … Continue reading

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Ask and Ye Shall Receive

What a difference a day makes….

After all of my spleen venting last night it appears that the gods are smiling on me as today (well tonight) I have received a copy of the Way-bill for the shipping of our stuff.

As I suspected it did not leave the UK on the 30th May, but had an ETD (I am assuming this doesn’t mean Estimated Trashing Date) of the 4th June and an ETA of the 17th July.

Not only this it includes the name of the ship it is on and through the magic of the internet we can now track where in the world the ship is, see below.

Come in Hong Kong Bridge, your time is up

So it seems the old saying Ask and Ye Shall Receive has come to fruition, tomorrow nights post will be ‘Why have I not won the sodding lottery yet (the big prize, not being picky)’.


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Where oh where is our stuff

Hello strangers,

Just a brief post (I promise that I will update the whole thing from leaving the UK to now, next week when I have a week on my own, and I don’t have my fingers crossed or anything)

I just wanted to record for all time the last image I have of our things that our wonderful* shipping company (* obviously by wonderful I mean shite), who I won’t name (but you could possibly see their name on the side of pantechnicon (I have always loved that word, no idea why), containing the said belongings.

A brief timeline, the stuff was collected on the 25th March, we left the UK on the 3rd April (harbouring a strange belief that our stuff would be either, already on its way or soon to be on its way).

Fast forward to the 3rd May, when I get an email from the shipping company, asking for an address for delivery and also when we would like them to send the stuff!!!!!!!!!

Fast forward again, after numerous emails, I am less than reliably informed the stuff left the UK on the 30th May (although this still has to be confirmed and for all I know it is sat on a dock somewhere waiting to packed onto a rowing boat).

Fast forward again to some unknown date in the future when it is due to be with us, apparently it is due in Adelaide (fucking Adelaide, not Sydney) on the 17th July, who knows is this prophecy will come to fruition, I suspect not.

I shall leave you with an image of the stuff as it was being loaded and the final image I have of the pantechnicon leaving for destinations unknown all those months ago.


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Internet connection hell

It has been some time since my last blog post, lots of stuff has been happening, but the main problem has been the lack of an internet connection.

We have an account and the ISP has connected their end, the problem is that the connection between the distribution board and the apartment in our building is not complete (useless *****). Consequently we are now on wireless mobile for an unspecified time, the telecoms man has been coming back every day since last Thursday and we haven’t seen him yet…..

Anyway other than that, oh and the stuff not being shipped from the UK until Wednesday of this week, we haven’t even had confirmation of that (useless *****), things are ok.

I will fill in the missing 7 weeks over the weekend.

For now from a very sunny, if a bit chilly, Sydney, goodbye…


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Apologies for the lack of blog
Action, normal service will be resumed shortly.


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“The Worst Day Ever”

Well the day that we have been looking forward to and dreading in equal measure has dawned (well not quite yet, but after a night on the sofa it’s near enough).

The title of this post is what Matilda described today as being some 6 weeks ago and I can sympathise as saying the final goodbyes to friends and family over the last couple of days has been terrible.

I just wanted to say a big thank you to the Clarke’s for putting me up and putting up with me this last week, it made leaving them all the harder yesterday morning. (I think I will write something separate on this subject later)

A massive thanks also has to go to Marilyn & John Lawton (my mum & dad), who as ever have been wonderful in helping with our newest adventure, not only in agreeing to take on all the boxes and boxes of rubbish I have been leaving with them but for their undying support in the move and everything it entails.

Another massive thanks to Carol & Charles Moseby (Amanda’s mum & dad), their support for the move has again been unlimited and to put up with the chaos of all our multitudinous suitcases at their house this week would test the patience of a saint.

To our parents collectively I am very sorry that we are taking Matilda far away for now, I know that she will miss you and her time with you immensely.

I must sign off for now as there is still so much left to do.

Bye for now


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Lots of missing weeks

Well, it appears my blogging came to a bit of abrupt halt as things really started to speed up in the preparations for the big move.

Anyway suffice to say lots has happened, some of which will be regurgitated here shortly, as I have 27 hours on aeroplanes over the next week, so watch this space….


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