Cockatoo Island

Today we made best use of the Family Funday tickets ($2.50 each for all day travel on the Trains, Ferries and Buses) and made our way to Cockatoo Island.

Cockatoo Island (© Google Maps)

Such an interesting place to wander round, I think I will go back to indulge my penchant for photographing old stuff (I’m not sure that is the correct term but you know what I mean). Anyway here are some photos taken with my crappy old iPhone 3GS

Heavy Machine Shop

An Engine

Old Crane

Fitzroy Dock

Sutherland Dock

Leaky Roof


Super Tilda

Naval Drawing Office

Crane Silhouette


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One Response to Cockatoo Island

  1. Matt Poole says:

    Hi Chris,

    My new email address for you:

    Left Jacobs recently after 6 years there, got fed up with the lack of decent work and crazy amount of bureaucracy and internal politics.

    Hope its going well over there in oz for you all.


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