What’s it all about, Alfie…..hello can anyone hear me?

In a new departure, I have decided to post about something other than the weather or the possible destination of our belongings…

The subject of the day is Google+, now I consider myself a reasonably tech-savvy person, I mean I am no Sergey Brin or Larry Page but I am no Fred Flintstone either, and I could be considered an early adopter of new things, those 2 hours queuing for the iPad on launch day are testament to that.

All of this said I am still struggling to get to grips with Google+, now I know lots of people (particularly in Australia, if press reports are be believed) have started moving all of their Facebook and Twitter friends and follows onto Google+ (and there are even extensions to Chrome to help you do this seamlessly), but for me I think I will have to wait a while to leap from the two ‘old’ favourites headlong into the unknown.

For the moment I am rattling around in here, semi-alone, with the only two real people I know being much more media and tech savvy than me.

So if you are on Google+, and know how to find someone (because I am not sure how to find me), then consider adding me to one of your circles (even if it is the Weirdo one).

Oh and just in case anyone is interested, it is still raining.


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