So near and yet so far

I think I am going to rename this blog, “Lawtons in Oz but the stuff isn’t”.

The day came when we were due to have touch down and receive the good news that the stuff had landed on Australian soil.

Well that was two days ago now and my fears that the bloody ship was going in the wrong direction appear to be well founded as apparently, due to some unknown ‘industrial action’ somewhere in the world it won’t be here until the 25th July.

Then of course there is the two weeks or so that it will be in quarantine, being inspected, although as we have only paid $240 for this, that is a vast sum of $24 per day so I suspect the inspector might not be at it for the full two weeks.

Then comes the really exciting part where the stuff, all 60 boxes, are ‘posted’ from Adelaide to Sydney where some unknown organisation will deliver it to us (lets hope there isn’t a post strike).

So current ETA to have the stuff in out possession is around the 25th August, a mere 5 months after is was collected in Glossop, I suspect that Captain James Cook didn’t take that long to get here in 1770 and he stopped off at Tahiti.

Still waiting in Sydney


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