The Stuff is getting closer…..

The long awaited day must be drawing near, when our belongings finally arrive on Australian soil, how can I tell I hear you cry…..there are a number of reasons why I could know this, but only one is right, can you guess which one?

A) The power of the internet? Wrong I am afraid, that only shows the ship in Singapore, is it 5 days travel time from Singapore to Adelaide? (I suspect it might be longer than that or they have given us the wrong ship name – highly probable).

B) Have we received word from our moving company that the ship is on its final approach? Wrong again, although I don’t think anyone expected this to be right…

C) Have we been sent a letter asking for payment….

All those that opted for C, you are correct, admittedly it is only for $240 to cover the quarantine inspection but as the saying goes, ‘there is no such thing as a free quarantine inspection’ or something like that.

I am sure that this isn’t the end of the saga, we were wondering tonight if the stuff that was supposed to be in storage in Manchester might turn up instead of all of our clothes etc. (please let this be wrong)

Anyway if you see a ship looking like this in your neighbourhood and you don’t live by the port in Adelaide, then tell it to get a move on.

Waiting expectantly in Sydney


image borrowed from (please don't sue me)

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One Response to The Stuff is getting closer…..

  1. Em says:

    I own the copyright for that image. Please pay me £1million immediately or send me a pair of Chanel sunglasses by return. If you don’t want your dishwasher send it to me, I like a kitchen appliance that’s been round the world first.

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