Cockatoo Island

Today we made best use of the Family Funday tickets ($2.50 each for all day travel on the Trains, Ferries and Buses) and made our way to Cockatoo Island.

Cockatoo Island (© Google Maps)

Such an interesting place to wander round, I think I will go back to indulge my penchant for photographing old stuff (I’m not sure that is the correct term but you know what I mean). Anyway here are some photos taken with my crappy old iPhone 3GS

Heavy Machine Shop

An Engine

Old Crane

Fitzroy Dock

Sutherland Dock

Leaky Roof


Super Tilda

Naval Drawing Office

Crane Silhouette


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What’s it all about, Alfie…..hello can anyone hear me?

In a new departure, I have decided to post about something other than the weather or the possible destination of our belongings…

The subject of the day is Google+, now I consider myself a reasonably tech-savvy person, I mean I am no Sergey Brin or Larry Page but I am no Fred Flintstone either, and I could be considered an early adopter of new things, those 2 hours queuing for the iPad on launch day are testament to that.

All of this said I am still struggling to get to grips with Google+, now I know lots of people (particularly in Australia, if press reports are be believed) have started moving all of their Facebook and Twitter friends and follows onto Google+ (and there are even extensions to Chrome to help you do this seamlessly), but for me I think I will have to wait a while to leap from the two ‘old’ favourites headlong into the unknown.

For the moment I am rattling around in here, semi-alone, with the only two real people I know being much more media and tech savvy than me.

So if you are on Google+, and know how to find someone (because I am not sure how to find me), then consider adding me to one of your circles (even if it is the Weirdo one).

Oh and just in case anyone is interested, it is still raining.


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And it’s still raining


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Thanks all the same, but we have had enough of the rain!

One of the reasons we left England was to move to a nicer climate, after last Winter, the snow and temperatures of -16, we thought that we had left bad weather behind us, but oh no.

We arrived on the 8th of April and get:

Then we have:

And now this:

I don’t know but I think bringing my Weather Ray was a bit of a mistake, still at least we feel at home getting soaked.



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So near and yet so far

I think I am going to rename this blog, “Lawtons in Oz but the stuff isn’t”.

The day came when we were due to have touch down and receive the good news that the stuff had landed on Australian soil.

Well that was two days ago now and my fears that the bloody ship was going in the wrong direction appear to be well founded as apparently, due to some unknown ‘industrial action’ somewhere in the world it won’t be here until the 25th July.

Then of course there is the two weeks or so that it will be in quarantine, being inspected, although as we have only paid $240 for this, that is a vast sum of $24 per day so I suspect the inspector might not be at it for the full two weeks.

Then comes the really exciting part where the stuff, all 60 boxes, are ‘posted’ from Adelaide to Sydney where some unknown organisation will deliver it to us (lets hope there isn’t a post strike).

So current ETA to have the stuff in out possession is around the 25th August, a mere 5 months after is was collected in Glossop, I suspect that Captain James Cook didn’t take that long to get here in 1770 and he stopped off at Tahiti.

Still waiting in Sydney


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The Stuff is getting closer…..

The long awaited day must be drawing near, when our belongings finally arrive on Australian soil, how can I tell I hear you cry…..there are a number of reasons why I could know this, but only one is right, can you guess which one?

A) The power of the internet? Wrong I am afraid, that only shows the ship in Singapore, is it 5 days travel time from Singapore to Adelaide? (I suspect it might be longer than that or they have given us the wrong ship name – highly probable).

B) Have we received word from our moving company that the ship is on its final approach? Wrong again, although I don’t think anyone expected this to be right…

C) Have we been sent a letter asking for payment….

All those that opted for C, you are correct, admittedly it is only for $240 to cover the quarantine inspection but as the saying goes, ‘there is no such thing as a free quarantine inspection’ or something like that.

I am sure that this isn’t the end of the saga, we were wondering tonight if the stuff that was supposed to be in storage in Manchester might turn up instead of all of our clothes etc. (please let this be wrong)

Anyway if you see a ship looking like this in your neighbourhood and you don’t live by the port in Adelaide, then tell it to get a move on.

Waiting expectantly in Sydney


image borrowed from (please don't sue me)

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A week on my own

As you may know, I spent last week on my own whilst the other members of the Lawtonsinoz team were on holiday in New Zealand.

Anyway I saw this article in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday and thought it resonated completely with my week.–the-pleasures-and-pitfalls-20110711-1h9mk.html


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